Sign Installation in Pocatello, ID

Depending on the type of signage product, proper sign installation can sometimes be a very involved process that may only be completed successfully with the help of a professional. Not only do you have to be careful not to damage the sign, but care has to be taken to ensure that no damage is inflicted on any other property or the people installing the sign. At Blaze Sign and Graphic Design, we provide commercial sign installation services for exterior and interior sign products. We have been providing our sign services to Pocatello, ID, and the surrounding areas since 1982. We install signs of all types and sizes. Whether you are in need an LED sign installation or a simple window lettering installation, you can depend on us to install your sign safely and efficiently the first time.
Randy Dixon Old Town Pocatello
Photo Courtesy of Randy Dixon Old Town Pocatello

What to Expect

Sign installation often requires unconventional problem solving and careful planning. Each different type of sign and each installation site present their own unique challenges to consider, which is why we will arrive fully equipped to handle any issue. We use advanced technology and tools to provide you with an efficient installation. Your service will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your and least likely to disrupt your business operations. You can rest assured the job will be performed in a professional manner because the members of our sign installation team are required to complete a series of education and safety training courses before they are able to go out on a job.

Our Sign Installation Process

After we have evaluated the installation site and designed a plan for a safe installation, we schedule an installation time. For more complicated or hazardous installs, we obtain all necessary permits in order to comply with local ordinances, if required. A safety zone is established around the work site to ensure that none of your customers are in harm's way. After your sign has been installed and you have reviewed and approved our work, we make sure to remove any debris from your property.